For our Sunday gatherings you can arrive any time after 3 PM for afternoon tea, and we gather for worship at 4 PM, which goes for a bit over an hour. We value fellowship over food, so we encourage you to come at 3, and people can hang around or go out for dinner together after the service.

Most weeks we meet at Salt Church in Mudgeeraba, but once a month we meet at a home in Worongary, so if it's you're visiting for the first time and not sure where to go, check our calendar (click on Events in the menu) or give us a phone call to find out the meeting location.

We are a brand new church, so we are quite informal. We have lots of kids running around, and when we meet in a home (every third Sunday) there's a pool to swim in, so you can bring your togs (or, if you're not from Queensland, your swimmers).

Our worship gathering involves singing, prayer, and teaching. After singing, the kids go off to do their own teaching time, so they won't get too bored or distracting to you.

We're still finding our rhythm, so things will change a bit from week to week, but we are trying to be structured enough to make you comfortable.

As well as a wide mix of ages, we have a mix of long-term and new Christians, so you'll find someone to talk to at almost any level you want.

Just so you know, our core values include:

  • Biblical discipleship
  • Gracious community
Meeting Times
Afternoon Tea
3:00 pm Sunday 3:00 pm Sunday
Worship Gathering
4:00 pm Sunday 4:00 pm Sunday
How to get there

We use Faithlife for our presentations and communication, so you can follow along in their free Bible app, and use it for study during the week.

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